Top of Our World

The need for celebration and connection—when there have been so few and so little—drives one couple to reach higher.

The sky may have been overcast and Mount Rainier shrouded by clouds, however, Lindsey and Chris Strickland ’15had smiles brightened mountains on their long-awaited wedding day. The couple met at SCU but dove into marriage atop Washington state’s most famous peak at Crystal Mountain Resort—a site where their courtship had taken a serious turn.

The resort and Mount Rainier have been home to many memories for the couple. It was home to family ski trips and the spot where Chris proposed. Nailing down the location for the Stricklands was easy. The top of the world, or at least the world they’ve built around one another.

Harder was finding the DJ. With the pandemic, Lindsay had deeply missed the closeness and fun of being near friends. A night of dancing and joy would be a treasured memory from her reception. The DJ would set that tone.

After sifting through dozens of DJ online reviews, they found a match. The DJ played classic hits such as “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, which encompassed the couple’s love of the outdoors, as well as Bay Area music Chris grew up hearing.

“We had been waiting for so long that we were just so excited when the day finally came like we were both just smiling all day long and like it felt so good,” Lindsey says. “It was one of the first times that a bunch of our friends and family were together in one place, which was really special.”

post-image Lindsey and Chris Strickland ’15 on their wedding day./Image courtesy the Stricklands

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