Real Sound

Seniors Frances Bertotti-Metoyer ’22 and Sophia Flores ’22 find music in the world around them, inspiring their original compositions about climate change and the Bay Area.

Inspired by the natural rhythms of the Bay Area, seniors Frances Bertotti-Metoyer ’22 and Sophia Flores ’22 composed six vocal and piano arrangements as fellows for the Center for Arts and Humanities. Using on-location sound research at various open spaces, the pair aims to show how colonization and climate change have impacted the local region.

“We wanted it to be something that was impactful, and that had a message to it,” Flores says. “It wasn’t just, ‘Climate change is bad’ it’s, ‘Climate change is bad and why is this happening? And how is it specific to the Bay Area? And how can we make a difference?’”

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