Leader on the Airwaves

Dana Jang ’70 founded a groundbreaking community radio station, kicked off the progressive rock era on the airwaves, and was inducted into a Radio Hall of Fame.

Leader on the Airwaves
When Dana Jang ’70 started off his career in radio, you could have tuned into his programming on one of these 1970s portables. Four decades later, he's been added to the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. / El nomad, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame recognized Dana Jang ’70 for his work over the airwaves—including founding an influential community-based radio station and helping to launch progress rock on air in the region.

Radio first captured Jang’s heart when he was a teenager. It was during his time at Santa Clara that he found his place on the dial. He and a group of friends founded the Radio Club of Cupertino. The club grew into the KKUP FM, a community radio station among the first educational radio stations not affiliated with an educational institution or religious organization. It still broadcasts today.

After founding KKUP, Jang went on to work as on-air talent and program director for both KSJO and KOME when progressive and album-oriented rock reached its heights. He helped establish the first Infinity Broadcasting radio station as one of the country’s leading and most respected rock stations.

“Dana’s passion for radio has never wavered,” longtime friend Larry Johnson said about Jang’s fall 2021 induction. “He continues to be involved with the nuances of Bay Area radio. It’s high time that the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame recognizes the unique contribution Dana has made to radio in the San Francisco Metro from his perch in the Metro’s most populated county: Santa Clara.”

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