A single donation from Acting University President Lisa Kloppenberg inspired others during a Day of Giving challenge.

One good deed snowballed into nearly $500,000 for scholarships for Santa Clara Law students who need help paying tuition.

It all started when Acting University President Lisa Kloppenberg and her husband, Mark Zunich, decided to donate to a new scholarship fund. The gesture was turned into a Day of Giving challenge (with donors kept anonymous at first). The goal: garner at least 150 donors to the School of Law. By afternoon, that goal had been surpassed, and the identity of the donors was revealed at a midday ceremony.

But another surprise was nigh: Andy Kryder ’74, J.D./MBA ’77, and Judge Risë Jones Pichon ’73, J.D. ’76, shared that the Law Advisory Board and SCU Board of Regents had raised over $325,000 in Kloppenberg’s honor. Oracle general counsel Dorian Daley J.D. ’86 and her husband, Michael Krautkramer, had matched $150,000 donated by the Law Advisory Board.

Kloppenberg, visibly touched, shared how the couple had been inspired by their mothers, neither of whom could afford to attend college. Thanks to the new Lisa A. Kloppenberg and Mark R. Zunich Endowed Law Scholarship Fund, that will be a problem for fewer students in the future.

“An endowment is a permanent source of funds—it will always be here to support students who are in financial need,” says Kloppenberg. “Law school is hard enough. If we can make the burden a little bit easier for them, all the better.” Who can you inspire today?

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