Big on Ice

As the CEO of the Anaheim Ducks, chairman of the foundation, and an alternate governor to the NHL’s board, Michael Schulman J.D. ’76 oversaw to the team’s rebranding.

When the National Hockey League team in Anaheim shifted from Disney’s ownership, it scored a name change—from the Mighty Ducks to the Anaheim Ducks. In the years since that move, the team gained a charitable foundation, a logo befitting hockey champions, and, along with other NHL teams in the West, a nearby minor-league affiliate after AHL’s formed Pacific League division. Michael Schulman J.D. ’76 played a pivotal role in these moves as CEO of the hockey club, chairman of the foundation, and an alternate governor to the NHL’s board. For his dedication to the sport, he was inducted into the 2021-2022 Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

A Bilingual Storyteller

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Keeping Current

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