Double Matrimony

Seeing Double: Sisters Brittni ’16 and Breana Várgas ’16 found their true loves in a set of brothers. 

Double Matrimony
Couples Gonçalo Correia & Brittni Várgas (left) and Rodrigo Correia & Breana Várgas (right) show off their engagement rings. Photo courtesy of Brittni Várgas.

Sisters Brittni and Breana Várgas ’16 could have never guessed that both of their future husbands lived two minutes away from where they grew up. This summer, the sisters got engaged to their partners, and here’s the kicker: they just happened to be brothers.

In a plot that seems as if it were taken straight out of a Jane Austen novel, Brittni and Brena became the respective fiancées of Gonçalo and Rodrigo Correia. “Everyone tells us we need our own show,” Breana noted. Although the quartet had heard about each other through their Portuguese-American community, it wasn’t until their double date at SCU until the sparks flew.

“We walked around campus, told them where we had classes, and what our college experience was like. Then we each took time separately to sit down on a bench and talk about life and what we wanted. We all hit it off on day one.” Brittni says. And the rest is history–when asked how they knew they’d found the one, all four of them said “When you know, you know.”

After Gonçalo asked Brittni for her hand and Rodrigo for Breana’s, both couples immediately set their sights on Mission Santa Clara de Asís to be the place they exchange their vows. The couples walked down the mission’s aisle in January, and plan to travel to the Azores in Portugal for the cultural family weddings in 2021 or 2022.

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