A Campus for a Canvas

Normally the magazine presents a work of art here—a map of sounds, a poem, or paintings. As Michael Engh, S.J. steps down after a decade as the President of Santa Clara University, can we declare the changes on the Mission campus part of his body of work, the oeuvre of Fr. Engh? Here’s what that may look like: An ambitious plan to grow the campus, admitting more students than ever, and building places for them to live and learn—from Finn Residence Hall, opening this fall, to the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation, a center for STEM and interdisciplinary studies. Under his watch, SCU sent students out into the world, becoming a leading producer of Fulbright scholars. It wasn’t always easy. There were problems to face: a meningitis outbreak, the unprecedented Great Recession, and more. But no matter what Engh did, he did it with care.

Father Michael Engh, President, Santa Clara University, 2015

Fr. Michael Engh, President, Santa Clara University, 2015. / Image by Joanne Lee

The Our Lady of Guadalupe pageant held in conjunction with the Sacred Heart Parish of San Jose, celebrates the Latinx heritage and diversity of both the region and Santa Clara. The University seeks lasting solutions to improve representation on campus. In 2013, the administration established the Office for Diversity and Inclusion. In 2016, there was a blue-ribbon commission on inclusion. And 2018 saw the release of a campus climate survey, highlighting areas where more work is needed. Together. In progress. / Image by Joanne Lee

2016, #4020, Chihuly, Installation, Edward M. Dowd Art And Art History Building, Interior, Chandelier, Red, Glass, Installer, Installation

The Mission campus expanded its arts reach. In the Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building hangs a bold orange and red sculpture by Dale Chihuly, the Seattle glass master, whose work inspired the love of art in Ed Dowd ’72. / Image by Joanne Lee

Vaccination Clinic For Meningococcal Meningitis B

The man is known for his personal touch to leadership. Whether hanging out with students in line for the meningitis vaccine as the campus handled an outbreak or responding to a late-night email, Engh went to where the need was and put students first. / Image by Joanne Lee

Over the past decade, Santa Clara’s commitment to making a difference in local communities has become visible in many ways, including this mural. Students adopted the Greater Washington Neighborhood as home base for the Ignatian Center’s Thriving Neighborhood Initiative. Santa Clara has also been out in the world through fellowships and immersion trips at home and abroad. / Image by Joanne Lee

Bee hive

It is a lofty goal to save the planet—but nothing is too big for Santa Clara. In his inaugural address, Engh highlighted a desire for the Mission campus to lead the way. Through moves big and small—from a functioning garden (and beehive!) to an award-winning water reclamation program, Santa Clara excelled at sustainability over the past decade. / Image by Jim Gensheimer

Dalai Lama At Scu, Santa Clara University Fmp Db# 3462

If Santa Clara University wasn’t on the world map before, it is now. The Jesuit, Catholic University in the heart of Silicon Valley grew in international status with an ethics center of great renown, 100,000 alumni living worldwide, and high-profile visitors, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama. / Image by Charles Barry

The end of an era: Engh gave his final Mass as President of Santa Clara University just before the end of the spring quarter. The service marked the end of his decade as lead spiritual advisor, administrator, and caretaker of the SCU tradition. / Image by Scott MacDonald

Drumroll, Please!

Santa Clara University’s renovated jazz studio gives music majors and non-majors more space to find their sound.

A Plan For Tomorrow

Santa Clara President Julie Sullivan unveils a new strategic plan, Impact 2030, with a focus on increasing access and opportunity, and, of course, SCU’s Jesuit values and Silicon Valley location.

Hoops of Hope

From pink socks to non-profit outreach, Santa Clara Women’s Basketball hosted their annual Pink Game to honor families impacted by cancer.

Flight and Food

Birds can be the key to understanding the environment and SCU students are taking a closer look.