Bangalore Broncos

The first international chapter for the SCU Alumni Association—in India—thanks to Vishal Verma ’97 and others. They’ve also collaborated with SCU’s first director of international admission, Becky Konowicz.
The Silicon Valley of India is one of the nicknames for Bangalore—a city with a population of more than 8 million and now home to the first international chapter of the SCU Alumni Association. The India Alumni Chapter held its first meeting in January. One of the founders is Vishal Verma ’97—a partner with Edgewood Ventures, member of SCU’s India Advisory Committee, and for two years running host to an annual SCU Holiday Reception. He’s also helped recruit and host students at his office in New Delhi. Santa Clara’s increased visibility in India is due in part to the meeting of minds: alumni working together with the University’s first director of international admission, Becky Konowicz, who came on board in 2013. This past year she’s helped make sure that alumni could talk to potential students at recruiting events in Bangalore, Mumbai, and New Delhi.

post-image Photo courtesy of Steve Raymer/National Geographic Creative/Corbis
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