Blondies a la Kelley Lund

Shining the spotlight on Kelley Lund ’05, founder of Blondie’s Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream.

Occupation: Founder and owner of Blondie’s Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream, which opened in 2007. You can find her behind the counter on weekdays, even covering shifts for her staff—who are mostly SCU students—when there’s a big weekend party.

The Blondie’s vibe: “We really try to interact with our customers—we have so many “regulars” and repeat customers that we really get to know people. It’s more of a corner store ice cream parlor than a get-your-yogurt-and-go place.”

Hometown: Lodi, Calif. (pop. 61,695). She’s got a big extended family who calls the Central Valley home, too.

Age: 26

Hobbies: Running, relaxing with her boyfriend at home, reading (currently Dog on It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery), and playing with her yellow lab, Gus, in the park. “He’s 5 months old, and so fun!” she gushes.

Wall art: Her décor muse comes from Hawaii, where her mom and dad live for part of the year. While she selected the bright color scheme for the store, her mom created all the tropical paintings—“I just painted the walls!” she confesses.

Favorite artist: “I love the blown glass by Dale Chihuly, especially the movement he captures in his pieces.” In particular, she’s keen on his color-packed baskets, dishes, and cylinders.

Latest accomplishment: For the past six months, a knee injury kept her from running—“Coming back from knee surgery has been really tough for me, so finally having full use of my muscles and getting back into running has been a real accomplishment for me.”

“Fro yo” quote: “The day that I bought the machines I actually got to fulfill a dream by sticking my head under one and pouring yogurt straight into my mouth!”

Personality: Energetic, a great listener, and passionate in all her ventures, she considers herself one of the “regulars” who just happens to sport the Blondie’s uniform.

Favorite flavor: Irish Mint

post-image Kelley Lund ’05 takes a bite out of a Blondies treat. / Charles Barry
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