Go Guam

The first-ever elected attorney general of Guam is back in office for a second term. And he’s a Bronco.

The first elected Attorney General of Guam, Douglas Moylan J.D. ’91, has been sworn in for a second term.

In 2003, Moylan became the first-ever elected Attorney General of Guam since the U.S. territory began appointing AGs in 1971.

“Unlike many other states, our AG is the chief legal officer of the Government of Guam, and is both the public prosecutor and handles all civil legal representation,” he says. “We are the largest law firm on Guam.”

Moylan ran on a tough-on-crime platform and in the first nine months of his second term, he doubled the number of prosecutors in an effort to shore up Guam’s prosecution and government corruption divisions. He is also recruiting from off- island, including reaching out to Santa Clara School of Law.

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post-image Santa Clara Law alum and Attorney General of Guam Douglas Moylan J.D. ’91
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