Funding Unlocked

Two Bronco alums announce next-round funding for projects aimed at helping the Earth and her people.

Funding keeps rolling in for two Broncos determined to help heal the planet and its people.

First up: James DeMuth ’08 and his 3D printing company Seurat Technologies announced a $99 million Series C round led by NVentures, a venture capital firm focused on funding climate solutions.

Powered completely by green energy, Seurat is reshaping the manufacturing industry through its 3D metal printing technology. Through a process called powder bed fusion, Seurat’s latest prototype offers pixel-level design control.

“The goal is to transform manufacturing for our people and our planet,” DeMuth says. “We want to democratize manufacturing. You print parts where they’re needed, when they’re needed.”

A globe in a 3D printer
The latest prototype from Seurat Technologies—co-founded by James DeMuth ’08—outpaces other 3D printers by 10 times. Image courtesy iStock.

Next up: Russell Dahl ’97, the CEO and founder of Neurodon Corp., received about $3 million in continued funding from the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health.

The grant will be used to support the completion of key studies of the company’s small molecule therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease in order to submit to the FDA and begin clinical trials. Neurodon’s small molecules demonstrate the ability to protect neurons and improve learning and memory.

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