Again & Again & Again

Sagi Solomon ’00, J.D. ’03 approaches sustainable fashion by moving beyond the individual and targeting entire brands.

When we think about sustainable fashion, we might worry there’s only so much one person can do. Reduce buying new, thrift more, reuse.

But Sagi Solomon ’00, J.D. ’03 approaches sustainability in the apparel industry from a different perspective—one that moves beyond the individual and targets entire brands. Solomon’s startup, The Again Co., works with companies to build tailored resale platforms.

One option is a fully managed peer-to-peer marketplace specifically for one brand’s product. Another solution is to bulk up trade-in programs. So, customers can bring in previously worn items in exchange for a gift card and the old items are resold as thrift or donated. The third option tackles returns: Rather than throwing away returned items (a big issue in the apparel business), brands sell their “pre-loved” garments at lower price points.

Solomon, who previously sold another tech startup, credits Santa Clara for teaching him to not be afraid to ask questions or say what he doesn’t know. “When I stepped into the start-up world, I had to be interested in learning things you can’t learn in textbooks,” he says. “I knew nothing about the fashion world or sustainability beyond what I can do on my own. Implementing a grander vision is something I’m constantly learning.”

Iphone interface of Again Co.; listing for blue lace sneaker
An example iPhone interface from The Again Co. Photo provided by Sagi Solomon.
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