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Play smarter, not harder: SCU partners with Regis University to produce more K-12 teachers, faster

The United States has weathered a shortage of teachers for years—a scarcity made only worse by the pandemic. In California specifically, a recent survey by the nonprofit news site EdSource found that K-12 schools in districts throughout the state that serve large numbers of high-needs students are gravely impacted by severe teacher shortages compared to wealthier districts. In an effort to increase and diversify the workforce for California elementary schools, Santa Clara University is partnering with Regis University, the Jesuit institution in Denver, and the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

Existing school district staffers in Santa Clara County who have two years of college experience can receive their bachelor of arts in liberal studies with a minor in education from Regis. The program is entirely online with a 15% discount for participants already working in schools.

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Regis University seal. Courtesy Wikimedia.

The County Office of Education is also providing grants for those pursuing a focus in STEM, special education, bilingual education, or transitional kindergarten. Those candidates who earn a B or better average on their Regis coursework are then guaranteed admission to Santa Clara’s Master of Arts in Teaching + Teaching Credential program (MATTC).

The SCU/Regis Teacher Pipeline Program streamlines the often difficult, convoluted pathway from higher education to the classroom, says Marco Bravo ’94, associate dean of SCU’s School of Education and Counseling Psychology. “It ensures students meet all state requirements, including state assessments and prerequisite experiences working with children in formal education settings that often serve as barriers for prospective teachers,” he says.

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