Saving Time

Downtime? Hardly. Students involved in the Fuller Lab used the time away from their research space improving their research work.

Typically, researchers in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry’s Fuller Lab seek to replicate natural peptoids with different human-made compounds—work that can help better target medicines, for example.

When COVID-19 halted hands-on research, Christian Jimenez ’21, a biochemistry major and DeNardo Scholar, remotely took on programming and advanced data analysis. His work resulted in more efficient analysis, plotting, and comparisons of the lab’s experimental data sets.

“He will streamline what is now a pretty tedious workflow and will allow us to make more and more interesting comparisons between data sets that we collect,” says Professor and Department Chair Amelia Fuller. “I’m optimistic that this will open up new experiments to us because we’ll see connections or correlations that otherwise might have been missed.”

Spin Masters

In searching for patterns that would differentiate one species of webspinners from the next, Professor Janice Edgerly-Rooks wondered: What if you put their steps to music? Would you be able to hear the differences?

A Strong Red

Santa Clara’s signature red has been around since the late 1800s. Before it was made official, though, we were almost the blue Broncos.

Unspooling Stories

Art historian Andrea Pappas explores the sneaky feminism woven into colonial embroideries.

The Pope, AI, and Us

Santa Clara’s Markkula Center joins the Vatican in contemplating—what else?—the ethics of AI and other disruptive tech.