What’s in a Name?

Lisa Kloppenberg is SCU’s provost. 

Originating from an Old English word that has at different times referred to the chief dignitary of a cathedral, steward of a medieval manor, and a prison warden, the modern provost is the top academic officer of a university and is responsible for the implementation of a cohesive academic vision. As such, Santa Clara University’s new provost Lisa Kloppenberg—interim provost since June 2019 and former dean of SCU School of Law—will oversee all undergraduate and graduate educational programs.

“Lisa has shown an admirable combination of collegiality, decisiveness, and concern for the greater good of our faculty, staff, and students,” says University President Kevin O’Brien, S.J. “In Lisa, I find a partner who models a deep and genuine commitment to our Jesuit, Catholic values and who shares my commitment to the academic enterprise which is the heart of our University.”

As the dean of the law school, Kloppenberg helped launch the Tech Edge J.D. option, affording students experiential learning in their Silicon Valley surroundings. “I see so much innovation in our programming…from the arts and STEM to business and law,” says Kloppenberg. “I am amazed by the ways our faculty and students improve the world with their teaching, research, immersive learning, and service in the Bay Area and around the globe.”

lisa kloppenberg
A national expert in mediation and arbitration, Lisa Kloppenberg is enthusiastic about using her conflict-resolution skills to enhance campus communication and collaboration. Photo by Jim Gensheimer.
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