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Celebrate opportunities open to SCU students to immerse themselves in communities near and far.

Tourism In Philippines, Palawan 04 Dec 2018
Tourism In Philippines, Palawan 04 Dec 2018 / Image by Roman Pilipey EPA-EFE

Knees in the water, arms in the air: three kids in full kidness, on the shore in Palawan in the Philippines.

Last year Kaitlin Wheeler ’19 was there on a Jean Donovan Fellowship through the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education at Santa Clara.

She worked to educate young people and to help ensure that the beaches where they romp and splash are clean and safe. She lent a hand in conserving mangrove forests—those mighty trees that spend their lives with knees in the water and arms stretched toward heaven, and which help shield from the damage wrought by storms.

The Donovan fellowships are one of a host of opportunities open to Santa Clara students to immerse themselves in communities near and far, to learn and teach and make the world a better place. Among them: the Global Fellows program through the Leavey School of Business. And there’s the Global Social Benefit Fellows program through Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. Classes and special programs take students from Costa Rica to Rwanda to Indonesia, and into communities right here in the Bay Area.

Help us open these doors to a new generation of students.

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