Bringing Back a Classic

Bronco Athletics recently announced that it would be revamping logos and uniforms for a classic look.

Bringing Back a Classic

This season marked a return to a classic look for SCU Athletics, as the intertwined SC logo regained prominence. The block lettering for the “Broncos” and “Santa Clara” that currently adorns uniforms also took on a more traditional look.

Call it a focus on fundamentals.

Santa Clara can thank a new partnership with Nike for the refreshed logo and new look. The retail sports giant signed up to be the apparel provider for SCU teams last year and spearheaded a refresh of the University’s athletics uniforms.

Over the course of more than a century, Santa Clara’s athletics teams have had a variety of logos and uniforms. As for some of these looks? Let’s just say it’s a good thing they aren’t the ones making a comeback.

Lg 1880s1

1880s: The Santa Clara College baseball team’s unis are straight and to the point. Although playing in three-piece suits, bowlers, and top hats might have made a stronger impression.

Lg 1601 1890s

1890s: One of the first photos to feature a full-on logo. The Santa Clara College baseball team begins to take on the look of an organized squad.

Md 1601 1910s1
Md 1601 1910s2
Md 1601 1910s3

1908, 1910, 1914: The interlocking SC appears.

Lg 1601 1920s

1920s: The SC is a prominent feature for uniforms, and fan apparel alike. This is also the era when SCU takes as its official team name the Broncos.

Lg 1601 1930s

1930s: What might go down as one of the more, er, unique uniforms in Santa Clara history. Luckily, “Santa Clara U” never caught on.

Md 1601 1940s1
Md 1601 1940s2
Md 1601 1940s3

1940s and 1950s: “Broncos” begins to take a more prominent role on uniforms. Both in the typeface, and also in one of the more colorful depictions of the iconic SC: as literal branding on the hindquarters of a bucking Bronco.

Lg 1601 1960s

1960s: The “Say Hey Kid,” Willie Mays, at the annual show match between the pros from San Francisco and the Broncos. The bold, red SC became a fixture on the baseball uniforms.

Lg 1601 1970s

1970s: In a rather conceptual representation of SCU, the women’s basketball team sports a U-shaped Santa Clara on their jerseys.

Lg 1601 1980s

1980s: The Philadelphia Phillies may have wanted a word with Santa Clara’s baseball team, who seemed to take a page from the east coast MLB squad in the ’80s with these pinstriped uniforms.

Lg 1601 1990s

1990s: Steve Nash and NCAA tournament upsets (“Yeah!”) helped make the white, red, and gold duds an unforgettable entry into Santa Clara’s athletic history.

Lg 1601 2000s

2000s: Santa Clara’s look becomes more streamlined with an emphasis on the red and white.

Lg 1601 2010s

2012: At Schott Stadium, the Broncos pay homage to America’s pastime with throwback uniforms, and also pay homage to the rich sartorial tradition of Bronco athletics.

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