Pod Picked

In this year’s NBA draft Brandin Podziemski ’25 was picked 19th overall by the Golden State Warriors putting another feather in the cap for Santa Clara University men’s basketball team.

Another year, another Bronco drafted by the NBA. Brandin Podziemski ’25 was picked 19th overall by the Golden State Warriors.

Poziemski’s call-up comes just one year after Jalen Williams ’23 was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder. These back-to-back first-round drafts indicate a huge glow-up for the Santa Clara University men’s basketball team, as the last time a Bronco was drafted was Steve Nash ’96 in 1996.

Podziemski only played at SCU for one season—he was a transfer student from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign—but he made the most of it. He averaged nearly 20 points per game and was the top rebounder in the West Coast Conference. Speaking of, Podziemski was the first WCC player to be selected in the first round, marking the first time since 2001 that a WCC school other than Gonzaga was picked first. (Take that, Bulldogs.)

Brandin Podziemski ’25 was the first West Coast Conference player taken off the board in 2023 NBA Draft. Photo courtesy SCU Athletics.
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