A Bilingual Storyteller

Producer Griselda Ramirez ’08 shares her experience producing Rihanna’s NFL halftime show interview and how studying Spanish at SCU impacted her career.

In the fast-paced realm of journalism, Griselda Ramirez ’08 shines as an independent features producer and bilingual storyteller, crafting captivating stories that transcend cultural boundaries. With a diverse range of experience, including working with the NFL, ESPN, and production companies like FILM 45 and Magical Elves, and now delving into the true crime documentary show Cold Justice, Ramirez’s versatility knows no bounds.

Ramirez’s passion for storytelling, combined with her Spanish fluency, allows her to share content and connect with a wider audience. As she continues to push the boundaries of production, Ramirez offers sage advice to aspiring journalists: Embrace every opportunity, learn from diverse teams, and never shy away from exploring the expanding creative landscape of the industry.

Santa Clara Magazine: What is it like being an independent features producer?

Griselda Ramirez: “It’s awesome, I just finished working with the NFL this past season, and I also produce content for ESPN. I recently took on another project working on a true crime documentary show. I do a little bit of everything, my specialty is sports, but I never like to box myself into one genre. I really like to tell stories; I enjoy it! So being versatile really helps; I can go into sports, go into crime, a little bit of everything. It’s really cool.”

SCM: How did you get into the fields of journalism and production?

Ramirez: “It all started when I was doing SCU’s study abroad program in Madrid. What’s funny is that I was initially looking for a marketing internship, since I was a marketing and Spanish studies double major, but they were all taken. I found an internship where you watch documentaries and write about them, and I was like, ‘Woah, that sounds fun!’ I learned so much about my love for journalism and what goes into producing feature content, so when I got back from Madrid, I started working at my local newspaper and even tried a television internship. I went on to earn a master’s in broadcast journalism at Columbia University and I never looked back. My time at SCU really did that for me.”

Nfl Profile Pic
Griselda Ramirez ’08 working for the NFL as a features producer.

SCM: What was it like working with Rihanna regarding her performance on the Super Bowl LVII halftime show?

Ramirez: “So neat! I produced Rihanna’s NFL interview with Nate Burleson [for the NFL Network and NFL+], and we did a beautiful feature on her halftime show. It was a really fun project because they even let me come up with the set design, and I love art. I kept with the Arizona Super Bowl theme and took Rihanna’s artistic style into account. I designed the set like a desert oasis with super elegant curtains and modern furniture. Rihanna is so kind and it was incredible having her sit on my set. After the interview, I had 24 hours to edit the feature alongside an editor for it to air the next day. While it can get insane, I love working under pressure and the adrenaline rush of meeting my deadlines.”

SCM: How did your Spanish studies at SCU impact your career?

Ramirez: “My Spanish studies at SCU not only helped me stay close to my Mexican culture, but also helped me improve my Spanish which sets me apart in my field. I am a features producer, but more than anything, I am a proud bilingual storyteller. For example, I recently worked on an ESPN feature about Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, a top boxing star, and because I’m bilingual, I was able to produce the project for both English and Spanish-speaking audiences. Cultures are so beautiful and embracing your culture is so important. I don’t ever want to lose that. I love having the ability of working and connecting with so many more human beings. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I only spoke English.”

SCM: What advice would you give to a current aspiring journalist at SCU?

Ramirez: “Learn as much as you can from different people and different teams. Make connections with everyone you can because the industry is smaller than you think. It’s common that you will run into the same people across different projects. Also, don’t limit yourself! There is so much to do in production and storytelling, especially since there are so many new platforms now like digital, social media, television, streaming. There are way more creative opportunities now than when I first started.”

Rihanna's NFL Halftime Show Interview Clip

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