A new endowed gift will support mental health scholarships, research, and more therapists at Santa Clara.

The family of a Santa Clara student who passed away in 2021 created an endowment to support scholarships, aid research, and produce more mental health therapists. Tone Yao Lee ’22 was engaged in student leadership, participated in service trips, earned a license to work with children with developmental disabilities, and had spoken openly about his long-running battle with clinical depression. In their grief, Lee’s parents set out to honor his dedication to helping others and donated $1 million to the SCU School of Education and Counseling Psychology. Their gift endows three funds with a focus on the mental health needs and well-being of children and adolescents specifically.

Read full story here: Lee Family Donates $1M to the School of Education and Counseling Psychology

If you or someone you know struggles with thoughts about suicide, please call 988. We want you here.

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Tone Yao Lee ’22
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