An Ethical Success

Graduating senior Amana Liddell ’22 nabs prestigious ethics award for working to expand health care access

Amana Lidell Squared 360x360
Amana Liddell ’22 was awarded the Markkula Prize. Photo courtesy of SCU.

Amana Liddell ’22 was awarded the 2022 Markkula Prize for her outstanding commitment to ethics in her projects and research. Liddell spent a large portion of her tenure at Santa Clara focused on addressing real-world ethical issues. For example, Liddell worked on a project uncovering disparities in health care for Black communities. As a health care ethics intern with the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, she did research on the societal failures concerning unhoused people during the pandemic. Liddell also supported the Center’s Get Vaccinated webinar series as a moderator. “The Get Vaccinated webinars have given me an opportunity to grow and have made me even more passionate about continuing to pursue opportunities that benefit marginalized communities in any way possible,” Liddell says.

Amana Liddell ’22 served as a moderator for the Get Vaccinated webinar series, which was produced to encourage people to think about the ethical prerogative of getting the Covid vaccine. In this video, Liddell and assistant professor of communication Melissa Brown discussed how misinformation spreads and what can be done to stem the flow. Video courtesy of Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.
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