Researching Wiring

SCU neuroscience students presented their research on spectrum disorders at the International Society for Autism Research.

Three students from Lang Chen’s cognitive neuroscience lab presented their research on autism spectrum disorder and ADHD at the 20th annual confer- ence of the International Society for Autism Research. Ziwei Gao ’21 looked at the similarities between spectrum disorders and ADHD. Adriana Moses ’21 examined existing research into how the brains of those spectrum disorders and ADHD are wired. And Jazlynda Benes ’21 tackled how symptoms in spectrum disorder cases vary.

post-image Image by Rusty Gouveia via Pixabay
At Our Feet

History lives within the walls of Mission Santa Clara de Asís. 

Staring Into the Fire

Not your typical summer break. Henry Jones ’23 forewent a cushy office internship and beach vacations to fight fires in the Pacific Northwest.

The Gardens Kenny Built

Santa Clara photography professor Takeshi Moro pays tribute to the owner of an East Bay Japanese-American nursery by photographing the gardens of longtime clients.

Space: The Final (Ethical) Frontier

From settling the moon to a deathly swirling cloud of space trash, Brian Green’s new book tackles the big questions of what’s right and wrong when it comes to space travel.