Wine for Good

Santa Clara’s fifth Mission Wine Collection is now live.

The Santa Clara University Alumni Association unveiled its fifth Mission Wine Collection, a release of bottles from three different alumni wineries to raise money for the Alumni Family Scholarship program. The fund helps legacy students attend SCU. For more on the wines from Bargetto Winery, Perrucci Family Vineyard, and Punch Vineyard, as well as previous years’ releases, visit
post-image Mission Wine Collection collector's pack. / Image courtesy VinoShippers.
A Theologian’s Theologian

Paul Crowley, S.J. lived by a philosophy that emphasized compassion for the individual over rigid church doctrine.

Twin Pursuits

Seeing double? Sisters Brittni and Breana Várgas ’16 marry a pair of brothers at the Mission.

Dreams from Lessons Past

2020 is not the first time Santa Clara University has weathered pandemic and natural disasters.