Retail Ain’t Dying

Three Broncos land on the semi-finalist list for the NRF Foundation Next Generation Scholarship, one of the most revered in the industry.

Retail Ain’t Dying
Image by jcomp via freepik

“My dream is to help shape the world into a better, more sustainable place. And I want to do it through retail,” says Eugene Choi ’21 in the personal brand video that helped advance him as a semi-finalist for the NRF Foundation Next Generation Scholarship.

Choi—along with SCU classmates Madeline Wong ’21 and Catherine Dinh ’22—is among 25 students from business schools around the country competing for the $25,000 scholarship from the National Retail Federation’s nonprofit arm, considered a pinnacle achievement for those pursuing careers in retail. Semi-finalists must complete a case study created in collaboration with PetSmart, Inc. and conduct two interviews with assigned retailers.

In his laugh-out-loud brand video created while quarantined at home in Orange County, Choi spoofs scenes from The Office recommending himself for the scholarship, declaring, contrary to rumors, that retail is not dying. He uses examples of his past work experience pivoting from brick and mortar sales to online retailing, and talks about how retail lets him maximize both his creativity and business acumen.

“Showing my human side was very important to me,” Choi says of the video. “As a first-generation American, I’ve always been the bridge between two languages, cultures, and even cuisines. Now I’d like to bridge the gap for consumers.”

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