Ethical Vision

A new leader for the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics welcomed a new executive director in August. Donald Heider comes to SCU from Loyola University Chicago, where he served as dean of the School of Communication. Heider is steeped in questions of digital and journalism ethics. He has taught courses on communication and journalism and has won five Emmys as a broadcast journalist. He takes the ethics baton from Kirk O. Hanson, under whose 17-year stewardship the Center garnered recognition as the largest and most active university-based ethics center on the planet. It brings ethics into real-world problems and provides programming for the Mission campus, Silicon Valley, and beyond. Heider already knew the Center’s work; he had hosted internet ethics expert Irina Raicu and collaborated with journalism ethics expert Sally Lehrman. He’s also an SCU parent: Daughter Anna Heider ’19 arrived here a few years ago and is studying sociology and psychology.

Silver Anniversary

What mark has SCU carved upon Silicon Valley? In the spirit, ethics, and business that make the Valley come to life.

Helping the Helpers

Santa Clara students, faculty, partner with Ferry Foundation to create solutions that enrich quality of life for dementia, Alzheimer’s patients

No More Treading Water

The Santa Clara men’s water polo team is joining the West Coast Conference.

Go. Fight. Win.

Who cheers on the cheerleaders? The Santa Clara University Dance Team plays a vital role in the game day experience.