Recognizing Greatness

Santa Clara Students take home awards for their dedication to service and more.

Udall Honors

James Wang

Environmental science and electrical engineering double major James Wang ’19 is one of just 49 Udall Scholarship recipients for 2018. Wang is studying how traffic affects health and says he wants to “take action to combat climate change and improve the world using my technical skills as an engineer.” The Udall scholarships recognize leading college sophomores and juniors for public service and commitment to Native American nations or to the environment. The $7,000 scholarship includes a four-day orientation, where students work with Udall alumni on environmental case studies.

Efren Oxlaj Tambito ’19

The scholarship committee also recognized Efren Oxlaj Tambito ’19 with an honorable mention. Born in Guatemala, Oxlaj Tambito is one of Santa Clara’s first-generation college students and LEAD scholars. Over two years of working for the nonprofit Rising Sun Energy Center, Oxlaj Tambito helped 600 homes become more energy- and water-efficient. He is also a Global Social Benefit Fellow with Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

Truman Finalist

Huda Navaid

Huda Navaid ’19 was one of 194 finalists for a Truman Scholarship, a graduate fellowship program for students pursuing careers as public service leaders. The finalist list was culled from 756 student applications. The $30,000 scholarship recognizes community service, a commitment to a career in government or nonprofits, and stellar academics. Navaid plans to pursue a master’s degree in conflict resolution studies and a Ph.D. in global health studies.

Taking a Seat at Café AI

With the rise of ChatGPT and generative AI on college campuses, SCU faculty reckon with what it means for the future of education.

A Message in the Wind

Every year, SCU faculty and students gather beneath the trees and listen to the teaching of Laudato Si’.

Commence: 2023

As the class of 2023 graduates, speakers urge them to create lives of love that can change the world.

The Gentlewomen of SCU Rugby

Santa Clara’s women’s rugby team has a reputation for bringing brutal competition and being a safe haven.