New to the Board

An educator, a nationally known sports agent, and a former pediatric nurse were elected to SCU’s Board of Trustees in June. They join the 49-member governing body that helps set strategies and priorities for the University.

Sports agent Bill Duffy ’82 is chairman and CEO of BDA Sports Management, which he founded over 30 years ago. He represents more than 40 NBA players, including basketball hall-of-famer Steve Nash ’96. Duffy himself was a fifth-round draft pick for the Denver Nuggets.

Picture of Duffy

Philanthropist and pediatric nurse Susan Valeriote ’77 worked and taught at UCSF and served patients around the Bay. She and her husband fund the three-year Valeriote Goldman Symposium on Public Health and Social Justice and a new Public Health Leadership Program.

Photo of Valeriote

Loyola Marymount University Assistant Dean of Students Paul Vu, S.J., M.Div. ’12, STL ’12 is one of nine Jesuits on the board. At LMU he is also a lecturer in psychology and Asian Pacific American studies.

READ MORE: The SCU press release announcing our new trustees.

Paul H. Vu Headshots
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