Make Pocket Change

Slim, secure, and functional, the edwin wallet does it all. Or so hope a couple of SCU engineers.

Shane Rogers M.S. ’13 wasn’t a fan of traditional wallets. He liked the functionality that a binder clip offered when it came to holding his cash. How to improve on that? As creative director and co-founder of Hive Design, Rogers got to work with his director of engineering, Brian Holm ’00, to develop the edwin wallet—named after writer and inventor Edwin Baltzley, whose son, Louis, invented the binder clip to help his dad hold manuscripts.

The edwin wallet is simple in its design: a single piece of durable steel—no screws, nuts, or bolts—with a clamp to hold up to 10 cards and a binder clip arm that snaps down to keep cash safe. There’s radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking built in, keeping credit cards secure from scammers. Hive Design offers two styles: the Classic and the Plus, which features emergency tools like a bottle opener, hex wrench, and flathead screwdriver.

post-image Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the edwin wallet raised $37,545. The Classic model goes for $32.95 and the Plus is five bucks more. Image courtesy Hive Design
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