Supreme Court Justice

There are lots of things people wish were in the Constitution, Antonin Scalia says. But they’re not.

Antonin Scalia, America’s favorite strict constructionist, wonders if the Constitution would have ever been ratified if people had been told “the meaning of this document shall be whatever a majority of the Supreme Court says it is.” He spoke to law students and invited guests during a visit on Oct. 28.

post-image Photo by Joanne Lee
First-Time Grads

Overcoming all odds due to the pandemic, the Class of ’24 finally get to experience the graduation that they have long been waiting for.

Drumroll, Please!

Santa Clara University’s renovated jazz studio gives music majors and non-majors more space to find their sound.

A Plan For Tomorrow

Santa Clara President Julie Sullivan unveils a new strategic plan, Impact 2030, with a focus on increasing access and opportunity, and, of course, SCU’s Jesuit values and Silicon Valley location.