Supreme Court Justice

There are lots of things people wish were in the Constitution, Antonin Scalia says. But they’re not.

Antonin Scalia, America’s favorite strict constructionist, wonders if the Constitution would have ever been ratified if people had been told “the meaning of this document shall be whatever a majority of the Supreme Court says it is.” He spoke to law students and invited guests during a visit on Oct. 28.

post-image Photo by Joanne Lee
Taking a Seat at Café AI

With the rise of ChatGPT and generative AI on college campuses, SCU faculty reckon with what it means for the future of education.

A Message in the Wind

Every year, SCU faculty and students gather beneath the trees and listen to the teaching of Laudato Si’.

Commence: 2023

As the class of 2023 graduates, speakers urge them to create lives of love that can change the world.

The Gentlewomen of SCU Rugby

Santa Clara’s women’s rugby team has a reputation for bringing brutal competition and being a safe haven.