Good Guys

Alumni Award honorees in 2015: Frank Boitano ’69, MBA ’74Tim Jeffries ’85 earn the Ignatian Award by living out Santa Clara ideals.

The 2015 recipients of the Alumni Association’s Ignatian Award have been profoundly shaped by their families—including the Bronco family. Frank Boitano ’69, MBA ’74 is a longtime member and former chair of the Board of Regents. He followed in the humanitarian footsteps of his late father, Lou Boitano ’44, who taught in the accounting department for 25 years, was a lifelong volunteer fundraiser and advocate, and who received the Ignatian Award in 1991. He sits on the Gift Planning Advisory Council, leads his class reunion committee, is an avid supporter of Bronco Athletics, and works with charities supporting at-risk youth.

“Lizard Man” is the moniker Tim Jeffries ’85 earned at SCU basketball games in the 1980s. Boisterous and painted green, he led the student cheering section. Since then, he has served as a top exec at several tech companies and founded start-ups. He also became a national leader for crime victim support and rights. His older brother, Michael, was brutally murdered soon after Tim arrived on campus. In 2008, after years of hatred but with an unshakable faith in God and a letter of contrition from the murderer, Jeffries found he was able to forgive. Every Christmas he now writes a letter to the man who killed his brother to let him know he’s in his prayers.

post-image Frank Boitano ’69, MBA ’74. View full picture. Illustration by Edward Rooks.
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