Flyweight Champeen

Bronco boxer looks back on moments of growth.

“You can’t do that in boxing,” Kevin Quach ’15 says of a maneuver he tried in some of his earlier bouts. So he stopped doing it. And won.
Kevin Quach ’15 laughs when he recalls the first time he put on boxing gloves and tried sparring. “I tried grabbing the guy,” he says. “You can’t do that in boxing.” You can in some of the martial arts disciplines he knows. But Quach, who earned his bachelor’s in business earlier this year, was just learning the basics of a new sport. That’s one of the main objectives for participants in the recently founded SCU Boxing Club. The one to two dozen club members—male and female—train at the Police Activities League gyms in Sunnyvale and San Jose. Collegiate boxers compete as individuals in matches, which are mostly arranged by club coaches at different universities. Quach, 5-foot-6, 112 pounds, finished his collegiate career with a 3–0 record competing in the flyweight division and earned a championship belt. He says he’d like to continue boxing competitively, but his longer-term goal is to become a chef. When it comes to being a contender, he says, “I want to get a Michelin star.”

post-image In the ring: boxer Kevin Quach '15. Photo by Denis Concordel
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