Crystal-ball Gazing

A valedictorian looks into the future and sees a campus that, no matter how it changes, will always feel like home.

Crystal-ball Gazing

From valedictorian Hannah Maryanski ’15, an environmental studies and English major: “Someday we’ll be the alumni who come back and say, ‘I remember when New Graham was an empty lot.’ Or, ‘Remember when the Earthquakes used to play … here?’ Someday the linoleum in Benson where we did that glorious flash mob will be replaced. And Bellomy Field, where I lost almost every intramural game I ever played in, will eventually have new turf. SCU’s campus will change, but it is our home …”

From Scratch

The new leader of SCU’s adolescent mental health concentration wants to design better mental healthcare delivery systems to help more kids, now.

Green Is the New Black

Leaders in sustainable fashion shared career advice with student designers at SCU’s popular EcoFashion Show.

Hop 2 It

How do you get from hops to beer? Sustainability interns found out by turning hops grown at SCU’s Forge Garden into “Forge Ahead,” an English-style pale ale.

Racking Up

Tess Heal ’26 is nabbing awards left and right thanks to a stellar freshman year with Santa Clara women’s basketball.