Thank-you notes

Photo by Charles Barry

How do you begin to thank someone who made your education possible? On commencement day, there are plenty of messages for moms and dads and folks who’ve brought new grads up through the world. But of course the whole shebang starts long before then, and it carries on. So, in this space where members of the campus community generally opine on a matter of great import, we thought this time around, with gratitude as our theme, why not let a few students offer some messages of thanks to all of you who’ve given time and treasure and care to sustain this place? Here are their words, written on a giant thank-you card this May, as part of a festive day they call Sprinksgiving, which recognizes that, without the culture of philanthropy (to coin a phrase) nurturing this place, we would sorely miss things like scholarships, libraries, athletics, schools of arts and science, business and law, engineering and theology, education and counseling psychology, etc., etc., etc. Not to mention sending students out into the world, to places near and far.

A word of thanks: Students share their messages of thanks to donors.
post-image Photo by Charles Barry