Bryan Bjorndal ’76

Bryan Bjorndal ’76
Bryan Bjorndal from his Peace Corps days.
Peacecorps Bjorndal Fisherboy 1
Local boy fishing

Marine Researcher

Philippines 1976-77

Bryan Bjorndal ’76 served as a Marine Researcher and Biologist in the Philippines from 1976-77, reporting to the District Manager of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. This position gave him the opportunity to travel and observe remote parts of the province that had not previously been open to Americans. Later, Bjorndal worked with a local Fisherman’s Cooperative, helping them start an oyster farm, all the while living in a “neat little beach house…in a coconut grove on the sand.”

Bryan Bjorndal Dahican Beach House 1977 2
Bryan Bjorndal's Dahican Beach House from 1977 when he served in the Peace Corps.
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