Triple Threat

Santa Clara’s first game-day announcer, Mo Lichaa ’26, is “grateful to be busy” as he balances being an announcer, DJ, and a full-time student.

Triple Threat
Mo Lichaa ’26 prepares his DJ setlist for a Bronco game-day. Photos provided by Lichaa.

MC Mo by day, DJ Wild by night. While one look at his Google Calendar might send the average person into a spiral, Mo Lichaa ’26 gets a thrill out of it. Only in his first year at Santa Clara, Lichaa balances a dual career as the SCU Athletics announcer and a professional DJ, while being a full-time marketing student.

SCU Athletics hired Lichaa as their first-ever game-day announcer in Oct. 2022 as he has over six years of DJ and event leadership experience. “What’s funny is that I initially only applied for a DJ position, but Athletics had other plans for me,” says Lichaa. “I never expected to be an MC, but I always say yes to every opportunity because you never know where it might get you. And I’m incredibly grateful that I said yes.”

MC Mo’s stage presence has changed the game for Santa Clara sports events. Before Lichaa, SCU Athletics relied on loud music to fill the silence during time outs. Now, with Lichaa’s enthusiastic chants and interactive games, fans are fully immersed in the Bronco game-day spirit.

“Announcing is more than just talking into a mic for me,” says Lichaa. “I remember playing a halftime game with a little girl who was having trouble making the basket to win the prize. I nudged the ball in to help and she was so happy she made it, on top of the crowd cheering for her success. It was a moment where I realized that my job goes beyond the mic, I can positively impact people’s energy.”

Along with announcing 14 hours a week and staying on top of his academics, Lichaa continues to professionally DJ up to 10 hours a weekend for events ranging from school formals to corporate gatherings. Despite the packed schedule, Lichaa says he wakes up “grateful to be busy” and would not want his life any other way.

Mo Lichaa ’26 with Bucky the Bronco at the 2023 WCC Basketball Tournament.

“I absolutely love what I do; it doesn’t feel like work to me. However, managing an insanely busy lifestyle does come with its challenges. The toughest is having to say no to social events because I have my weekends booked out months in advance,” says Lichaa. “But the key to surviving the constant motion is living in the moment. Yes, I might have two DJ events this weekend on top of an essay due Monday, but right now, my focus is on the now. And I love the now.”

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