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Justice, education, and the Catholic imagination


A religious
vision of a sustainable future is less about
politics than ethics. It means drawing on deep
spiritual currents in the Catholic tradition—and
environmental concern as if people mattered.

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Writing the Island

A journey to the Sea of Cortez—to paddle and dive, to hear the island speak, to look carefully, to write, to come home sunburned and transformed.

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Internet, we have a problem.

One fine spring day, Dan Kaminsky ’99 stumbled upon a hole in the Web that could make for a hacker’s field day. It wasn’t a flaw with a browser or a piece of hardware. It lay in foundation of the Internet itself.

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In Memoriam: Chancellor Paul Locatelli, S.J. '60

A fellow Jesuit reflects on the man, priest, and president who profoundly touched so many lives at Santa Clara, in Silicon Valley, and beyond.

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Fenway hero

You only get one first pitch in the majors. When Daniel Nava’s came, he hit a grand slam.

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Paul Locatelli Memory Book
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