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We are family

On August 25, I officially celebrated my five-year anniversary as Executive Director of the Alumni Association. During that time, I have met thousands of alumni, been to hundreds of alumni events, visited dozens of our regional chapters, and had two kids! It’s been an amazing journey so far and I am grateful for every moment.

Family, defined

Of all the wonderful opportunities afforded me in this position, the most rewarding is meeting so many remarkable people. And I’m struck by the fact that, whether they are current students, classmates at reunions, parents on campus, or alumni in their local communities, when they speak of what they value about Santa Clara, they inevitably use the word family. I have experience first hand that, regardless of gender, generation, or geography, there is a sincere and shared feeling of community that unites us. And while alumni from other institutions may claim a strong sense of school pride, I truly believe the notion of the Santa Clara Family is what makes our University unique.

Keeping it together

When I speak to students and parents, I like to remind them that the students will spend four years on the Santa Clara campus, but they will spend a lifetime as part of the Santa Clara Family. And the role of the Alumni Association is to keep that Family together. Just like in many extended families, everyone has good intentions when it comes to staying connected. But it takes someone to schedule the reunion, send important news and announcements, and remind us of the special ties that bind.

As stated in our Strategic Plan, the mission of the Alumni Association is to serve and engage the Santa Clara Family by fostering lifelong relationships between the University and its alumni. More simply, the Association provides ways for the Santa Clara Family to remember, learn, stay in touch, come together, and give back. Giving back is just one of the many values instilled in us during our time at Santa Clara, but it is also the one we can most easily apply on a daily basis.

People immediately think of financial contributions when I mention giving back. And yes, it’s true the University needs alumni donations to continue excelling in educating men and women to be leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion. (Remember: It’s not important what you give, but that you give!) For a Santa Clara Bronco, giving back might also mean spending time with:

  • the student who needs mentoring;
  • the friend who could use a laugh;
  • the stranger who could use some kindness;
  • the business situation that needs a tough but ethical decision;
  • the community that needs our time and talent to improve their living conditions;
  • our children, so they grow up treasuring the values we Santa Clarans hold so dear.

A Santa Clara education prepares students for professional excellence, responsible citizenship, and service to society, especially on behalf of those in greatest need. As an Association, we support this vision by inspiring alumni to reflect the best of Santa Clara in their communities. And if a Santa Clara grad is motivated to give back because he or she rekindled their passion for SCU at their reunion, reconnected with a favorite faculty member at a chapter event, found a lost classmate on inCircle, or read an inspiring article about a fellow Bronco in this magazine, then I believe we have fulfilled our mission in the most noble way.

Every day, Broncos are making the world a better place. And because of this, it is truly an honor and a privilege to serve you—our alumni, students, parents, donors, and friends of the University. With five wonderful years as director, I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish in the next five years, together—as the Santa Clara Family.

Go Broncos!


Kathy Kale
Kathryn Kale ’86
Executive Director
Alumni Association

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