Santa Clara University

Fall 2003

Santa Clara Magazine, Fall 2003'A Favorite Abode of Science'

By Elizabeth Kelley Gillogly '93. A new exhibit of Santa Clara University's scientific equipment from 1851-1900 reveals the Jesuits' early dedication to scientific inquiry, and the ways in which the University contributed to the history of science.

Coming Home

By Mitch Finley '73. More than 60 million Americans are Catholic, but millions of them are estranged from the Church. More often than you might think, however, "lapsed Catholics" decide to come home to the Church. Why did they leave? And what brings them back?

Students to the Rescue

By Erin Ryan '03. The Santa Clara Emergency Medical Services Program serves the University with more than 40 SCU students who are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). These students volunteer time and expertise when fellow Broncos need help.

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