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Web Exclusives

The following list includes Santa Clara Magazine articles that are found only in the Web edition.

  • Steve Nash in his own words—The Podcast
    Read the press conference Q & A and the convocation address, listen to the podcast, and check out the photos.
  • From Head to Toe
    When Hope Hanafin '75 works on a movie, she is onscreen every second—or rather, her award-winning costumes are.
  • Alumni put faith into action
    One way some alumni make use of the values and goals taught at Santa Clara University is to participate in a service program such as the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) or the Peace Corps.
  • SCU Alumni Mayors
    A list of SCU Alumni who have served as mayors.
On Campus
  • Giving Back
    Former Congressman and White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta '60, J.D. '63, teaches a political science course at SCU every fall. He says it allows him "to stay in touch with a generation that ultimately is very important to the future of our democracy."
  • A conversation with Hans Boepple
    By Elizabeth Kelley Gillogly '93 - Interview date: 11/10/04
  • A dialog of faith
    Moral reflections on Middle East conflict from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian perspectives.
  • A diary from Poland, continued
    More excerpts from Professor Jane Curry's diary from her year in Poland
  • Cottonlandia
    A poem by Rebecca Black, who won the 2004 Juniper Prize for Poetry from the University of Massachusetts Press. Black is a lecturer in English at SCU.
  • Film depicts struggles of Law Center clients
    Clients, students, and staff of the Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center are featured in a new documentary about the struggles of workers to get compensation under the state of California's workers' compensation system.
  • "Passion"-ate perspectives on Mel Gibson film
    Faculty commentary on "The Passion of the Christ"
  • Playing West to East
    Teresa McCollough, SCU professor of music, played a sold-out recital at the Beijing Modern Music Festival
  • Professor predicts economic growth in 2005
    SCU Economics Professor Mario Belotti predicts a period of solid and sustainable growth for the U.S. economy.
  • Shakespeare in San Quentin
    Aldo Billingslea's course in "Performing Shakespeare" took the Bard behind bars for a project where Santa Clara students worked alongside inamates at San Quentin State Prison. Read comments from the students and view photos from the performance.
  • Cleaning up After Katrina
    SCU’s students helped tear down homes that were destroyed during Katrina and the flooding that followed.
  • My Mother Taught Me
    Erin Pate '04 won the 2003 McCann Short Story Prize from SCU's English Department for this story.
  • Still-born
    SCU senior Alexander Matthew Weyand won the Tamara Verga Prize for his poem, "Still-born".
  • The Real World is calling
    Internships help SCU students grow personally and professionally
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