William James Robert Lemke ’51 passed away on August 6, 2012. He was born on December 8, 1927 and is survived by sister, Emilie L. Williams, and numerous nephews, nieces and their children and grandchildren. Mr. Lemke attended Saint Louis; graduated from Punahou in 1945; Santa Clara University in 1951 and attended University of San Francisco Law School. He was a veteran of World War II. He married Elizabeth Stephens, a Punahou classmate, and a San Francisco College for Women graduate who later got her teacher’s certificate and taught in the San Francisco Bay Area. She was descended from a Kama’aina Family, Napopohoehou, Baker and Booth. She passed away in California in January, 1983. Mr. Lemke worked for various CPA firms in Hawaii and California. In California, while attending Law School, he worked for A. Stanley Dollar Subsidiary (Globe Wireless Company). He later worked for McKesson & Robbins for 15 years and 15 years at Haas Brothers (liquor distributors) in the San Francisco Bay Area. He retired in 1984 and returned to Hawaii, the land of his heritage. On his Father’s side, has German Grandparents who settled here in the 1880s. Grandfather was a tailor and father was a buyer for Hackfeld and later Amfac for a period of over 53 years. On his mother’s paternal side, he was descended from Napopuhoehou whose daughter married Pervier and settled in Maui in the 1800-1810 period. On his Mother’s maternal side, he was descended from Nahiolea, Kahokua,Kahalewai and Robinson ancestors. Mr. Lemke was a member of the German Benevolent Society of Honolulu, Punahou Alumni Association, Santa Clara Alumni Association and the Knights of Pythias.

08 Nov 2018