Paul Neilan

William James Oreña King ’62 was always a fiery spirit. Sometimes he’d stir up trouble but no matter what he warmed people’s hearts. At a young age, Bill made lasting impressions from getting caught smoking on national TV to putting dynamite caps on the railroad tracks…a charge he always denied. He spent his summers at his mother’s family’s Cuyama and Los Alamos ranches. Those summers would be unforgettable for him as well as light the beginning of a lifelong passion for ranching. Together with his brother Chuck, Bill founded King Bros. Cattle Company. Though the cattle business was tough, Bill always reminisced about the good times trading cattle on the Mexican border, last minute plane rides to cattle auctions, and all the “legends” and great people he met along the way. Bill’s other passion was singing and playing guitar. Late night jam sessions with fellow musicians were always a highlight for him. Bill loved to perform on stage with yodeling cowboy Monte Mills who also facilitated Bill’s long time wish to record his own CD. Bill died on Feb. 13, 2022 and is survived by extended family including his loving wife Saundra King.

16 Aug 2022