William Herbert MBA ’71 was born in Tucson, Arizona. As a child, his family relocated to Burlingame. He graduated from Burlingame High School in 1946 at the age of 16 and later received a bachelor’s degree from Sacramento State University and an MBA from SCU. In the 1950s, Bill began a long career with the Southern Pacific Company. His work took him to Dunsmuir, California, which was an important railroad town at the time. By the late 1950s and into the 1960s, his duties involved numerous construction, design, and engineering projects, such as railroad line changes, removal and enlarging of tunnels, replacing wood snow sheds with ones made of precast concrete, replacing overhead bridges with open deck bridges, and constructing the centralized traffic control (CTC) system in Northern California and Oregon. During this time, he developed a love of skiing and opened a ski shop in the basement of his home. Bill’s Ski Shop became a thriving business and was moved to downtown Dunsmuir and later to Mt. Shasta. In the late 1960s Bill moved with his family to the San Francisco Bay Area to take a position at Southern Pacific’s San Francisco headquarters. He became a general manager and then vice president responsible for all of the natural resource properties owned by Southern Pacific. In 1984 Southern Pacific Corporation merged with Santa Fe Industries. Bill and Marjorie relocated to Redding, California, to set up the Santa Fe Pacific Timber Company, which owned 600,000 acres of timberlands in Northern California. He retired as president when the company was sold to Sierra Pacific Industries in 1988. He and Marjorie moved from the heat of Redding to the temperate, coastal climate of Carmel; for the past 29 years, their home has been a frequent and favorite destination for large, multi-generational family gatherings, where he loved to share jokes and stories with everyone. Bill was an active board member of several organizations during both his career and his retirement years. He served on the board of the Santa Fe Pacific Timber Company, the boards of the Council of California Growers, the California Water Districts Association, the California Forest Protection (board chairman), and the National Forest Industries Council. He was president of the Carmel Highlands Fire Protection District board, The Carmel Meadows Association, and a member of the Pebble Beach SIRS, the California State Chamber of Commerce, the Commonwealth Club, and Commercial Club (San Francisco). When he moved to Carmel he became an active member of the International Club of Carmel and the weekly lunches became the basis for the deep and lasting friendships he developed with others in the ICC. After his retirement, he also enjoyed regular getaways with his colleagues from Southern Pacific. Bill passed away at his home in Carmel on Oct. 21, 2017, with his beloved wife and companion of 40 years by his side, Marjorie Jane Herbert, with whom he shared a love of travel, reading, history, and current events. He was also loved and admired by his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren: daughter Linda Herbert, granddaughter Aleyta Meldrum (Matt), great-grandchildren Sophie, Jack, and Parker; son Keith Herbert (Kathryn), granddaughter Hannah; son Jamey Herbert, grandson William; daughter Lisa Jacobs (Brent), grandchild Sarah, great-grandchildren Madison, Thomas, Natalie, Robert, and Joey; Laura, great-grandson Evan; Ali, Andy; daughter Michele Young, granddaughter Elena; daughter Autumn Young (Scott), grandchildren Genna and Trevor; daughter Vicki Von Arx; and son Ron Bishop. He was preceded in death by his parents, Paul and Melva Herbert, and his sister, Marilyn Wheelwright. He was particularly devoted to his mother, who spent her last years in Carmel. 

08 Nov 2018