In writing his own obituary, Walter Shimoda J.D. ’55 wanted to highlight his gratitude to the Island of Maui for the privilege of being born, raised, employed, retired, and of dying in Hawaiian paradise. He thanked his wife for unselfishly enduring the burden of his care after he was diagnosed with cancer, and the rest of his family for sharing in that burden. He was also appreciative of Kahului school for his basic education, and St. Anthony High School, John Carroll University, and Santa Clara University for a Catholic education, culminating in a law degree. He also thanked Len, Spud, Terry, and George for their lasting friendship and the County of Maui, State of Hawaii, and the U.S. government for preserving the freedom guaranteed by law and unequaled in the world. Shimoda died on November 4, 2022.

15 Nov 2022