Strong-willed Veronica Cotariu M.A. ’83 refused to continue high school after the tenth grade, insisting she did not need further education. When the U.S. entered World War II, Ronnie went to work at General Electric to support the war effort by filling positions vacated by young men. In 1944, Ronnie enlisted in the Navy.Her primary role was an instructor on the Link Trainer, a flight simulator. In 1950, she married one of her students, Navy pilot Alan Cotariu. She left active duty and eventually had six children with Alan. Ronnie eventually returned to school, earning an associate degree at Foothill College, a bachelor’s at San Jose State, and a master’s in education at Santa Clara. She taught at Resurrection School for 13 years. She died Jan. 10, 2022, three days shy of her 98th birthday.

18 Jan 2022