Born in Pennsylvania on Sept. 19, 1959, to Betty and Jerry Sadosky, Terre Sadosky J.D. ’85 attended Skycrest Elementary School in Citrus Heights, California, followed by Mercy High School. She obtained her B.S. from UC Santa Barbara, followed by a law degree from SCU. She was a member of the California bar in private practice and became an administrative law judge with the California Division of Workers’ Compensation. Terre sought out challenges in many sports, including hand ball, golf, and running, and participated in I0Ks and the marathon. She challenged the skies, obtaining a private pilot’s license. As a youth she was an accomplished competitive swimmer, and as an adult, a regular scuba participant who dove around the world in the Red Sea, the Philippines, Bali, New Guinea, and other locales. Terre taught law in a local college program in the evenings. Her many friends remember the good entertainment she hosted in her Rancho Murieta home. She loved animals, especially her Labrador retriever, Sam. She was an active volunteer with the SPCA and at an animal sanctuary in Utah, where she used vacation time to work on site. Terre passed to the Lord on Sept. 29, 2017. She was loved by many friends, and was always ready to help those in need.

08 Nov 2018