Terence Cox J.D. ’77 hitchhiked his way around the world. From the three summers he spent as an apprentice carpenter to his years working backstage for the Monterey Jazz Festival, Terry met new people and learned countless lessons. But the journey that most defined his path in life was his visit to Afghanistan. During those two winter months in Afghanistan, Terry reflected upon the horrendous treatment of the citizens that he’d seen in many parts of the world with no freedom or any individual rights. There, amidst the snow and lack of electricity, Terry penned his applications to law schools. After he graduated from Santa Clara, he went to Bali where he embraced the value of art, beauty, and grace. He then started his own law firm alongside Richard Wootton, which became one of the most respected maritime law firms in America. He also shared his love of travel and the arts with his wife and daughter. Terry died on January 19, 2023.

03 May 2023