Ted C. Bleckstein ’75 has published DIAGNOSIS: ‘Deception’: The Darker Side of a Trusted Profession. It is available in paperback and hardcover. It is dedicated to helping you, the patient, take ‘control’ of your dental and oral health care.  To empower you with the indispensable confidence to follow your ‘common sense’ and be able to say: “Wait a minute . . .”

Experience a provocative ‘journey’ into an area previously reserved for: ‘Doctors Only’ and, unlock the secrets which will challenge the proverbial ‘status quo’ embraced by most health care professionals.

As a potential patient, you must look upon the practice of modern dentistry as comprising more than just simple ‘drill and fill’ dental care; as this is the work of a technician. The dental profession is composed of educated doctors who have ‘supposedly’ been trained to provide their patients with comprehensive oral health care; the question facing the public is whether these dentists do, in fact, provide this level of responsible care for their patients. And, if they don’t, how can you tell and, what can you do about it.

29 Oct 2018