A caring soul, Susan Swendseid ’67 did not live an average life. At age 16 she took her first tour of Europe with her Girl Scout troop and developed an awareness of the larger world. She started doing volunteer work at a hospital and tutoring local children. After college, Susie joined AmeriCorps and spent a year working on a Native American reservation in South Dakota, then another year working with a small Hispanic community in Durango, Colorado. As an avid traveler, she went around the world with a National Geographic tour, exploring from Antartica to Africa. Susie’s other great passion was dogs. For 30 years, she volunteered with the Greyhound Adoption Center as a placement coordinator. Susie was honest and straightforward but her gruff exterior belied her soft and generous heart. When diagnosed with cancer she once said, “It is what it is, but I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. There are still many things I’m determined to do before I go, and nothing is going to stop me.” Susie died on September 25, 2021 and her tenacity and bottomless love for others is remembered by extended family and her beloved dogs.

01 Dec 2021