Shane Rogers ’13 and Brian Holm ’00 are founders of Hive Design, which offers consultation and design services to other companies. Hive has also created and launched three of its own products: Eligo—a “smart hydration” unit offering athletes hands-free selection of water and/or electrolytes from a single reservoir; RPM Speed Rope—sophisticated mechanics paired with cool design that does for jump ropes what Nike did for sneakers; and their latest brainchild, Edwin—"a modern minimal wallet inspired by the binder clip." Edwin was designed with the help of Bryan Herrera ’14.

Rogers and Holm previously spent years working together at a medical device company where they gathered lots of experience designing products. Holm also managed the fabrication shop and designed the mechanical aspects of exhibits for San Jose’s Tech Museum, tested the viability of fuel cell vehicles in Germany, and before graduating from SCU, led the team that pioneered the School of Engineering’s Roverwerx Rover program.

"When we were doing our undergraduate work, we weren’t really thinking about being entrepreneurs, but that’s changing," said Rogers. "I applaud SCU for their forward thinking. SCU is doing a great job of getting students motivated to think about design and how to come up with an idea, and then giving them the tools to follow through." Rogers teaches an entrepreneurship course as an adjunct professor for the School of Engineering and shares his experience with other universities in the KEEN network of engineering educators.
For his part, Herrera is grateful for both his experience at SCU and the opportunity to work at Hive. "Everything I have now is due to SCU. My parents never went to college; I had zero engineering background. I discovered it on my own by playing with Legos; I liked building things. SCU gave me the foundation for a really great achievement. I never thought I’d be launching a new product a year and a half after graduation! I’m blessed with these opportunities."

30 Oct 2018