During her time at the Isle Health & Rehab of Fleming Island, Florida, Sarah Lynne Tarpley Nettles ’05 met Larry Nettles. They fell in love and were married at the nursing home on May 1, 2021. Sarah died a little more than a month later, on June 17, 2021, after struggling for 16 years with an unremitting white matter disease of the brain. She was a studious individual and graduated with honors from Santa Clara University, with a double-major in biology and environmental science. She had planned to work as a field biologist some day. A lifelong Episcopalian, she took Hospice volunteer training and worked with many families over the yeas. Sarah loved nature and the poetry of Mary Oliver; she played cards and tennis and the flute. She’ll be remembered for her generous, loving spirit, and her ease at making friends the world-over. 

05 Oct 2021